What is our goal in the long run?

UPMA, Uttar Pradesh Mandal of America, our goal is to support education of poor and underprivileged kids in India.  Give opportunity to every kids who are left behind due to social economic cause. We like poor kids from these families to live/enjoy their childhood along with better education foundation, which can help them to grow in their career. Beside charitable cause, UPMA’s goal is to promote North Indian culture globally

"Today Six Hundred kids’ education is already funded by UPMA @ Niswara, Bundelkhand, Five day care center are funded by UPMA @ Chitrakoot, U. Ten Ekal Vidyalaya Schools in UP are funded by UPMA. Also UPMA helped Sankara Eye Foundation build 200 bed eye hospital in Kanpur, UP."

How it works?

For your $100 donation (per kid) UPMA can help poor under-privilege kids to get education for one year, books, clothes, pair of shoes and healthy lunch. Currently 600 kid’s education is funded by UPMA. We work with Saidham organization in India for kids education

For $2800, UPMA can open one day care center for 20 to 30 younger kids of poor parents.  Today the elder kids of poor parents (mostly bonded labor in India) are not able to go to school and are subject to misuse because they have to take care of younger siblings. UPMA supports day care for such kids so life of elder and younger both are improve. We like to open 20 more such day care centers, please help support us

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