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Akhil Bhartiya Samaj Sewa Sansthan (ABSSS), a reputed NGO headquartered in Chitrakoot district of Uttar Pradesh (UP) will committed to achieve holistic development and active learning capacity of all children below 6 years of age by promoting free, universal, inclusive, equitable, joyful and contextualized opportunities for laying foundation and attaining full potential.

Early Childhood Care and Education encompasses the inseparable elements of care, health, nutrition, play and early learning within a protective and enabling environment. It is an indispensable foundation for lifelong development and has lasting impact on early childhood development a program which provides age/development/context specific experiences and interactions that enable children to develop a sound foundation for all round development for life, including a lifelong interest in ‘learning’.


The aim of vibrant Early Childhood Care and Education is to facilitate optimum development of the child’s full potential and lay the foundation for all round development and lifelong learning.

Location: The Project is located in Chitrakoot district of UP, which is part of the under-developed, drought-prone Bundelkhand region of central India. Within Chitrakoot district the Project is located in 5 villages/habitations of Manikpur Block.

Target Group: Children of mainly Kol tribals & most marginalized, poor and disadvantage community

Primary impact group

  • Children in marginalized social groups and minorities
  • Children live in families with seasonal and temporary migration
  • Children with disability
  • Girl children
  • In UPMA USA supported project area comprises138 children of 3 to 6 years, of which 89 are female and 49 male, who are mainly belongs from Kol tribal Community in the Project location. The details are below:
S. No. Village GP Block District Boys Girls Total
1 Bagraha Itwa-Dudaila Manikpur Chitrakoot 10 15 25
2 Motwan Managawan Manikpur Chitrakoot 16 19 35
3 Neruva Bheda Manikpur Chitrakoot 5 20 25
4 Sarhat Sarhat Manikpur Chitrakoot 8 23 31
5 Jhari Sarhat Manikpur Chitrakoot 10 12 22

Major Components covering in ECCE (Early Childhood Care & Education Centres):

  1. Play /Activity based approach
  2. Rolling out Curriculum
  3. Age appropriate Activities related to all domains addressed
  4. Fulfilling Standards and norms as per Early Childhood Care and Education
  5. TLM (Teaching Learning Materials) available at the centre
  6. Emphasis on early language learning
  7. Move to School Readiness
  8. AWC to become the first village outpost for health, nutrition and early learning

Rational behind ECCE:

One of the reasons for low transition rate and high absenteeism is the fact that school-going children have to take care of younger siblings at home when parents go out to work. This issue will be tackled by providing sibling care through community neighborhood approach. Under this approach daily wage workers would appoint one adult female from the community for sibling care in a designated Centre (home). Thereby older children will be free to attend school.

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